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US Military Clean: A Veteran Biz OP
US Military Clean (USMC) helps US veterans start profitable cleaning businesses. It's a veteran employment...
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How to Find New Clients on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a premium social network for businesses, employers, and job seekers. It offers specialized...
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Do Not Depend on Your Salary
Discover the path to financial security and freedom by diversifying your income sources.
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How To Acquire and Keep Cleaning Accounts
Learn the keys to acquiring new office cleaning accounts and growing your business. Discover effective...
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The Best Cleaning Co. in America!
US Military Clean is the best cleaning business in America for several reasons. Their team consists of...
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The Danger of Dust
Protect your health and productivity by learning about the dangers of dust in the workplace.
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Expand Your Business with Speaking Engagements
This article highlights the benefits of speaking engagements in growing your business, and how US Veteran-owned...
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Are You "Self Employed"?
Self-employed individuals generally must pay self-employment (SE) tax as well as income tax. SE tax is...
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Start A Cleaning Business!
I teach both US Veterans and Military-Friendly Civilians how to start successful cleaning businesses.
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How to Bid a Cleaning Job
When making a bid on an office or building use this calculation: Time/Hourly Rate/ Frequency. Time is...
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