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Testimonies from US Veterans

I am a new owner of a US Military Maintenance company in Utah. Marks dedication and mentoring is hands down above what was expected during this journey and start up. He offers his experience and guidance to all owners, anytime we need it. His dedication to the veteran community is outstanding.
Tad Stuart
Helicopter Pilot with Metro Aviation at University of Utah AirMed
When it comes to advocates for transitioning military veterans it is hard to find an equal to Mark Baird. Mark selflessly dedicates all of his time, effort and energy to insuring veterans have a chance to be successful. He is a great mentor. Mark's book, "The Patriotic Business Plan", was written with the veteran first in mind. The book is a must read for every veteran who wants to run their own business and for any well-rounded business leader.
Joe Padlo
Founder/President Veterans Elite Services and Founder/CEO at TidyText
Mark Baird is a committed patriot who has selflessly offered his talents and expertise to assist America's military veterans -- both in their job search and in their relationship to God and their spouse. Mark is an honest and forthright individual with whom we have had the pleasure to work with on many occasions. Highly recommend!
Carl Savino
Connecting employers with military veterans nationwide for over 25 years!
Mark Baird has done more to help veterans transition and find employment than anybody I've ever met. He and his wife Tori have devoted themselves to this cause 24/7 through They were enormously helpful to me during my own transition. Mark is an energetic, insightful, resourceful, and compassionate leader. He accomplishes a difficult mission and his selfless example is inspirational.
Robert Kilmartin
Assistant District Attorney at District Attorney's Office
Mark Baird is an American Patriot of the old school and trusted business partner. The only thing I know of that exceeds Marks efforts in assisting veterans and their families. Is the love and respect he holds for the veterans, their families, and the sacrifices they make every day for everyone of us.
Stephen Norred
CEO Vets4Heroes

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