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Residential Cleaning: The easiest and fastest way to start earning money is in residential maintenance. Contact real estate companies and their Property Managers. They need people to get houses, apartments, and condos ready to move into after someone has moved out. In addition to general cleaning, these Residential Property Management companies need carpet cleaners, power washers, painters, hauling, window cleaning, repair persons, and gardeners. If you are able, provide all of these. Offer them a One-Stop solution to getting their properties ready for tenants to move-in.

Becoming as much of a one-source for them as you can is a great advantage. – You can earn thousands of dollars every month from just one good property management company, depending on how many services you can offer. (I always end up getting the account for cleaning their Real

Estate office too.)

Property managers can provide you with thousands of dollars in painting jobs every month. But depending on the skills your team possesses, you can expand into repairs, plumbing, landscaping, hauling, moving, and even security.


The prices here will vary depending on your demographic (Just as gas prices vary from poor neighborhoods to rich ones).

On a national average, basic cleaning (dusting, mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming) will run you about $200 for a 1,500 sq. ft. After that, charge $50 ft every 500 sq. ft. added. Some companies’ prices might depend on the number of rooms, not square footage, but prices should remain fairly consistent.

For a decently sized apartment, you can expect to charge anywhere from $200 to $350 just for a basic and thorough cleaning. But you must consider the following. If they need additional services, then the total price you charge will be more.

Cleaning Checklist: (When estimating how much to charge for getting a residence ready for the agent to rent or sell it, consider all these things. Make a checklist of what needs to be done to reference when writing an invoice. Make sure you do everything on your list just like you would for an inspection in the military!)

1.       Repair & repaint walls.

2.       Repair or replace any broken items – Like blinds, handrails, toilets, doors, windows etc.

3.       Clean the fridge – Defrost it, too.

4.       Clean the kitchen appliances – Including the oven.

5.       Clean bathrooms

6.       Clean furniture – Scrub out stains, wash covers.

7.       Wash windows, blinds, and screens

8.       Clean in and out of all drawers and cabinets

9.       Dust everything – Counters, cabinets, fridge-tops…

10.    Scrub everything – Toilets, sinks, counters

11.    Wipe everything down – Use cleaning products (like 409) and polish/wax/finishing where necessary.

12.    Sweep floors & vacuum carpet.

13.    Mop floors

14.    Wax floors (if necessary)

15.    Clean carpets (if necessary)

16.    Clean garage area (power wash if necessary)

17.    Landscape cleanup

18.    Hauling (This involves renting a truck and the cost of gas and paying another employee, plus the fee for dumping at a certified dump.)

19.    Review – Check for any missed items, stains, and problem areas.

The more services you can provide, the more work you will acquire: Basic residential cleaning is cleaning from top to bottom. Get homes as clean as if your mother was going to move-in!

Add carpet cleaning, power washing, painting, and simple repairs like dripping faucets and running toilets, and replacing broken wall fixtures. If you know electrical, you can replace ceiling fans. Offer landscape clean up, hauling, tree trimming, fence repair: If you can do it, or learn how, then offer that service. I have often prepared a property for rental or sell and made thousands for doing so.

If you want help starting this great business, reach out to us. This is what we do! 760-730-3734

Mark Baird

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