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How To Clean Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans collect dust and grime. And a dusty ceiling fan will circulate particles every time you turn it on.

Here is the best way to clean ceiling fan blades and their lights and reduce the dust that is dispersed around your home.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

STEP 1: Turn off the fan and wait for the blades to come to a complete stop. To protect your floor and furnishings, stretch an old sheet or a drop cloth on the floor beneath the fan and cover furniture.

You will probably need a step ladder to reach the fan. You can also use ‘telescope dusters’ that permit you to keep your feet on the ground while dusting. The best way to clean ceiling fans thoroughly is to get as close to the fan as you can manage safely.

Standing on a step stool or ladder, carefully wipe each fan blade with a ceiling fan duster or clean, dry microfiber cloth. You might also use a vacuum that has a dusting attachment that you can gently swipe across your fan blades. – But for a more effective and healthier cleaning, climb a ladder and carefully go over the blades with a water-dampened microfiber cloth or terry towel and allow them to dry completely.

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan Light Fixture

STEP 1: Turn off the fan and remove light bulbs.

Be sure to turn the fan off before you begin cleaning the light fixture. Remove the globes or glass shades around the bulbs by carefully turning their mounting screws counterclockwise. Keep a small cup or bowl nearby into which you can place any screws or washers you remove from the glass globes.

STEP 2: Wash the light globe with soapy water. 

it’s not at all unusual for dead bugs to collect inside light globes, including lots of dust and grime. Be sure to dump out any debris and then wash it in warm, soapy water and dry it thoroughly before placing it back in the light fixture.

STEP 3: Carefully wipe the light’s housing, and check shade gaskets.

Gently wipe the lamp’s housing with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Be sure not to get the inside of the light fixture or fan motor wet.

STEP 4: Reattach the globe, making sure to tighten the screws, and then replace light bulbs. (Replace the light bulbs if they are burnt out.)

P.S. You might also try wrapping each blade in a pillowcase. Then, by gently pulling the pillowcase toward you and the pillowcase catches the dust. This might work well for blades that are especially dirty as a first step. However, the fabric will not remove that lower layer of dust, so you should then proceed to the steps above to fully clean the blades.

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