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Do Not Depend on Your Salary

“If your salary is your only source of income, you’re one step away from poverty.” – Warren Buffet

The biggest economic misunderstanding of our childhoods was that people can achieve financial security by keeping a job with a dependable salary. – Perhaps that was true for our parents or grandparents, but times have changed!

For security and peace of mind these days salaried jobs are not as safe nor as reasonable as they once may have been. Today, everyone must be more entrepreneurial. – Creating other sources of monthly income will change your life. It will reduce stress, give you more confidence, and a far more positive outlook on life.

A Path to Safety

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Pull Yoursel Up!

You can keep your current job and build a greater income stream that can diversify into multiple revenue sources. You can fire your boss and become your own. Be Self Reliant. – The old American phrase, “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps,” is a path to socio-economic advancement that every American citizen can do.

Start a Simple Business

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest business to begin is a commercial cleaning business. It is highly profitable. You can work from home. And you do not need to do the labor yourself. – If you have never been a businessowner before, you can get all the help you need via the American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. ( They help people build profitable office cleaning businesses across America. They provide everything you need to start your business successfully right out of the gate. – Making 5K to 10K in your first month is very do-able. And many earn 6 figures in their first year. It depends on how big you want to be.

Learn from Americans who own these businesses. Be a part of national group of AJCSA business owners who mentor you every step of the way. — Be fully equipped, certified, insured, incorporated, and promoted. Learn how easy it is to acquire new accounts and increase your monthly income considerably.

A Path to Freedom

Knowing how to start a successful cleaning business is knowledge that you can use throughout your life. – Learning how to be a successful businessowner will greatly enhance your life. It will give you power, confidence, and peace of mind. – All it takes is a commitment to professionalism.

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Once you earn the respect and confidence of the business owners whose offices you maintain, there are more responsibilities you can assume: carpet cleaning, floor polishing, window cleaning, and the maintenance of the parking lot and landscaping about the building, to name a few. These will increase your monthly income substantially. — A truly professional and reliable cleaning service is highly prized and coveted.

The AJCSA does not just get you started in business; we are with you every step of your way. Our national reputation is based on our creating successful businesses, whose profits fulfill the aspirations of our prosperous American entrepreneurs.

Check out the today. We can get you earning good money this month.

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