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The Patriot Advantage: (US Military Clean)

This is a complete and proven marketing plan that has been used by the US Veterans that I have been serving across the country through the non-profit, Patriotic Hearts. This unique concept connects owners’ businesses with people’s emotions and hearts. – It is a huge catapult that lifts you far above any competitors! It is centered around a specific cause: Providing employment for US Veterans. – It will literally make you somewhat famous in your entire region.

By using this method, I have received medals from US Presidents and Congress, significant media exposure, and received endorsements by Governors, Senators, Generals, Supervisors, Mayors, and the affection and gratitude of tens of thousands of people. And I have received– By being a Good Guy, good things will happen!

This is not for everyone. It is certainly for all US Veterans. And now, after many years, I am opening it up this goldmine to qualifying civilians too. – So, if you have a heart for our US Military, Veterans, and their families, and if it would be a delight to employ them and assist in supporting their families, then you are the civilian we want to invite!

Caring about America’s best and owning an American business that serves them, your community, and fellow businessowners is about as Patriotic as anyone can be!

Mark Baird

Read: US Military Clean: The US Military Veteran Advantage.

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