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Starting This Business Saved My Life

All of us must find a way to earn income in order to live a happy life and to build a future. For most of us that means having a job. And although many are satisfied working for others, some of us need more.

Life is increasingly expensive. (Two bags of groceries yesterday cost me $175!) And housing prices, mortgages, rent and utilities are going through the roof. — And that is the problem with having a job: We have no control over how much money our companies make, how much they pay us, and even how long we will stay employed.

When I was young, married, and a father I could not find a job that would pay me as much as I needed. Every month was a fierce struggle to pay bills. The stress and anxiety was crushing me. I had to earn more money! — That is when I began seeking for a business I could start.

I decided to start a cleaning business. I purchased the first Rug Doctor carpet cleaner made, and printed out business cards. My first client was a Real Estate company that managed homes and apartments that their clients owned and rented for income. I immediately had so much work that I hired employees. We did such good work that the Real Estate company asked if I would also clean their offices at night. And that is when my business really exploded! — We were cleaning homes and apartments by day and offices at night. — My income increased dramatically!

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I have never looked back. That business eradicated my worries about supporting my family. It has supported me and my loved ones ever since. — My life was rewarded with Liberty! I had employees running my business, and was able to do many other things that until then were impossible, and unaffordable. Money was not an issue.

Now, I teach others how do what I did. I have helped over 100 Americans start successful commercial cleaning businesses. — Will you be the next? Give me a call and let’s find out!

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