American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

Start This Business. Keep Your Job.

US Military Clean is a business opportunity for US Veterans, (and their supporters) to own and receive a great income, as well as finding freedom from a 9-5 job. It is also an opportunity to employ and work with other US veterans.

Cleaning business offices is easy and very profitable. Earning $10K in your first month is very do-able. And you can increase your income by that much more every month. — Start out with a simple $2500 account cleaning a 5000 sq. ft. office. It will take you an hour a night, 5 times a week. Acquire one more $2500 account every week for one month and you will earn $10K. — That will require 4-5 hours a night.

We provide absolutely everything you need: equipment, website, marketing, uniforms, certifications, and training. We work with you continuously until you achieve your goals.

Starting a commercial cleaning business will greatly improve your life. This is an easy and inexpensive business to build. Within a year you can have several hundreds of thousands of dollars in accounts that you service.

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We are a US veteran charity. We do not charge you for this service. As a non-profit, we only ask for you to reimburse us for our expenses. No one is making money for this except the US Veterans we assist.

This is how to clean offices. (Anyone can do it!) –

·      Empty trash containers

·      Dust desks, counters

·      Mop floors.

·      Clean restrooms & stock toiletry supplies.

·      Clean kitchen.

·      Vacuum carpets.

·      Clean glass entry door.

·      Turn off lights and lock door.

There has been a dramatic increase (68%) in the need for professional cleaning services since Covid. We will help you acquire all the accounts you desire.

Make $10K a month, or $100K a month. The sky is the limit in this industry. Make what you need, or what you want!

Would you start a business cleaning offices at night if you could earn $250K a year? Our Military Clean owners have accomplished this many times, and some much more. — We will help you every step of your way to reach your goal.

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