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How US Military Clean Owners Make Money

How USMC Owners Earn Money:

There are 3 major areas to make an outstanding income owning a Janitorial maintenance business: Commercial, Construction Clean- up, and Residential.

Commercial office cleaning is the direction that we point your towards. These are great because you know how much each account pays you at the end of every month. You can create a stable budget. The work is easier to perform and to manage too. This should be the backbone of your janitorial business. – If you employ US veterans or local active military and their spouses, it is an incredibly attractive offer to many businesses.

This is what nightly cleaning entails: Collect the trash, dust, vacuum, clean and mop the kitchen and bathrooms, fill all paper and toilet containers, wipe front door, clean off smudges on glass doors, and then secure and lock premises. – Anyone can do this work.

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Construction Clean-up: Look for Construction Sites. You can also go to your city and county offices and ask to see what applications and permits for new construction they have. Contact those Contractors and give them your USMC pitch. – They will need to employ people to wear hard hats, boots, and gloves to keep the construction site clean of debris in wheelbarrows and buckets and to dispose of the debris in their huge trash containers. – Then after the construction, they will need people to clean the windows, floors, walls ceilings of dust and make them ready for lessors to move-in. – Then they may also want you to maintain the general areas. – This can be major money.

Residential: The easiest and fastest way to start earning money is in residential maintenance. Contact real estate companies and their Property Managers. They need people to get houses, apartments, and condos ready to move into after someone has moved out. In addition to general cleaning, these Residential Property Management companies need carpet cleaners, power washers, painters, hauling, window cleaning, repair persons, and gardeners. If you are able, provide all of these. Offer them a One-Stop solution to getting their properties ready for tenants to move-in.

Becoming as much of a one-source for them as you can is a great advantage. – You can earn thousands of dollars every month from just one good property management company, depending on how many services you can offer. (I always end up getting the account for cleaning their Real

Estate office too.)

Property managers can provide you with thousands of dollars in painting jobs every month. But depending on the skills your team possesses, you can expand into repairs, plumbing, landscaping, hauling, moving, and even security. – Residential cleaning is day by day work. You never know what the job will be until they call and ask you to do it. Then you need to have a person or crew readily available to do the work that day or the next. – Therefore, I do not recommend keeping this as your primary business. 

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