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How to Work Less & Make More

Everyone has only so much time in our life. How we spend our time is critical to being both happy and healthy. — Most people work 8 hours a day, plus driving time, it is 9 to10 hours away from home and doing the things you enjoy. — If you can reduce your work hours, while greatly increasing your income, would you be interested?

If you could make $250K a year working less than you do now, and could earn more anytime you wanted, would you? – In fact, several people I have assisted in starting such a business have kept their jobs and built-up this enterprise at the same time. Anything is possible. – Some make more, some are satisfied with less. 

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The business is a commercial cleaning business that cleans professional offices at night. These are the tasks performed: Dispose of trash, dust, vacuum, mop, clean and restock kitchen and lavatories, wipe smudges off front door, turn off lights, and lock the door. – If you can do these tasks then you are able to earn $250K a year or more. (We provide everything you need to do so.)  

Here is an example: Let’s say you go out for a couple of weeks and find 10 professional offices of around 5,000 sq ft. Each of these will pay $2500 a month for 5 nights of cleaning per week. You will make $25,000 a month. That amounts to $300K a year. Deduct $50k for taxes and expenses, and you earn $250K – Even better, train 2 employees for $25K a year to do this part-time and that sets you free to acquire more accounts, hire more employees and make even more money. 

The American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association ( helps people get started in this business professionally and successfully. We provide and assist you in getting everything you need to get started the right way: Incorporation, Insurance, Certifications, Equipment, Uniforms, Training and Marketing, Plus, our owners meet by Zoom every month to help and encourage each other. – We are with you every step of your way!

Do you want to make more money and have more time to do the things you enjoy? Set an appointment and let’s talk. 

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