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How To Start a Profitable Cleaning Business

I teach people how to start successful cleaning businesses. Their common incentive is that they want to make more money, and do not want a boss anymore. They want more control over their lives. — These businesses are inexpensive, home-based, easy to do, and financially liberating.

There are 3 good ways to make significant money in the cleaning business.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

This is where to start when beginning a sustainable and very profitable cleaning business.

When I was 20, I was married, and we had a baby. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find a job that paid our bills. We kept going deeper into debt. I was constantly anxious and was falling into deep depression. I had to do something! – After weeks of racking my brain, I came up with the idea to start a cleaning business. It fit me because I enjoy cleaning and making things shine. But I had no idea how to start a business or what to charge or how to keep books etc. All I had was the willingness to do anything to make my business succeed and provide for my family.

My first jobs were cleaning rentals for a real estate company. They learned that I did good work and that I was reliable and honest. So, they asked me to also clean their offices at night. First, I cleaned one. But soon they gave me all 5 of their other office locations too. – They offered to pay me $20K a year. That was 1970. In today’s money it is the equivalent of $155,000. I never dreamed of ever earning that much money! But I did not stop there. I hired workers and took on dozens of more accounts. – After 3 years, I sold that business, got a condo on the beach and surfed for a year. Then, I went to college and got a teaching degree, which enabled me to teach and coach at the high school level, one of my lifetime dreams. But when my teaching salary was becoming my main source of income, I started another janitorial business, made it bigger than before and sold it.

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Later in life, I created a non-profit (www.PatrioticHearts) to assist US Military, Veterans, and their families. I won several prestigious awards for my efforts, especially for helping to employ tens of thousands of them. Then in 2018 I came up with the idea of teaching US Veterans how to start a successful janitorial business, like I did. Veterans prefer hiring other veterans, and so this would be another way for me to increase Veteran employment. – There are now 160 US Military Clean businesses in 39 states. – And now, I teach American civilians who are “military-friendly” how to start this business too, if they commit to hiring as many US veterans as they can at livable wages, via

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US Military Clean is a Business for US Veterans

Property Managers

Many real estate businesses have a property management department. Increasingly, homes, apartments, condos, and professional office complexes are being purchased by corporations as a continuous source of leasing and rental income. Many real estate firms are contracted to manage these properties. Their responsibility is to keep the money flowing by keeping those properties inhabited by paying customers. – Whenever a property is vacated it is critical for them to get it occupied again. That requires cleaning the interiors of these properties so that a new tenant can move right in. For homes that includes kitchens and their appliances, drawers, cupboards, and floors. Bathrooms require cleaning from top to bottom. Dust, vacuum, and clean all other rooms too. Then the windows, in and out, the screens. Also, the garage, the outside entrance way, and all patios and porches. – For a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home that will earn about $300. – However, often there is much more that needs to be done: carpet cleaning, power washing, minor repairs, hauling, minor landscaping, and painting, etc. — I recommend working with property managers for people who need to make money ASAP! I do not promote residential cleaning as the basis of your business.

A far better way is to provide the nightly cleaning of commercial offices, buildings, and complexes.  

Construction Clean -Up

Every construction site is required to keep it clean of trash and debris while workers are present. The people who do this are requires to wear boots, hard hat, gloves, and a to use a wheelbarrow with which to pick up and dispose. These are potential gold mines!

Once construction is finished, before the building can lease units, they must be cleaned thoroughly so that tenants can move-in. These building are often multistoried and can include many dozens of apartments, condos, and office spaces. – The cleaning company that has already provided outstanding service keeping the property clean from debris will normally get that contract. Then, after the building is occupied, they often get multiple cleaning accounts from its tenants, plus the account for keeping general areas and bathrooms of the building clean. – These accounts usually require an established team, and are something to build towards. First, learn the ropes and established a reputation as a superior service. – This is where the big boys play. You will be in competition with major, even worldwide cleaning services. – But I have developed a way to compete with and even to rise above that competition. It involves having team comprised primarily of US Veterans. Many companies who get large contracts can be required to employ a set percentage of US Veterans to qualify for applying for getting those accounts.

Providing Additional Services

Having a reliable, professional cleaning business that takes care of business offices is the perfect ‘foot in the door’ for adding additional services to your monthly bill. – Businesses have a variety of service needs that may include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, power washing, parking lot cleaning, light landscaping, paper shredding, executive car polishing, handyman, HVAC, etc. – Once you establish yourself as reliable, honest professional these other income options open to you. You can provide them yourself, or you can sub-contract.

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We Get You Into Business in 10 Days

Getting Started

To start a competitive cleaning business, you need to incorporate as a “sole proprietor,” or as an LLC (limited liability company). You will also need a “contractors liability policy” before anyone gives you their keys. You should also be certified by OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Organization). This lowers you liability costs and enables you and your employees to provide the highest quality of environmental sanitation. It also makes you far more competitive! You will also need a portfolio, biz cards, letters of introduction, logos, website, marketing, scripts, bid sheets, contracts, uniforms, and commercial cleaning equipment. The American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association ( provides all of these and much more. And for US Veterans they offer the startup business:

I hope this was a help for you in deciding if this business is right for you. If you want to know more, please reach out to me and let’s talk and see if this is the path that you are looking for to attain lifelong financial freedom.

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