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Start A Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning offices is a very profitable business. It is inexpensive and easy to start. But to build a long-lasting business requires several key ingredients. The foundation is performing reliable, professional service.

Here is an example of what a person does when getting an office ready for the next business day. This service is normally performed at night when everyone is gone. (Ideally, these accounts will require cleaning 5 nights a week.)

a.    Disposal of all trash

b.   Dusting of all desks, tables, counters, doors, blinds, and baseboards

c.    Sweeping of all floors

d.   Mopping of all floors

e.    Vacuuming of all carpets

f.     Sanitation of all bathrooms and kitchens

g.    Restocking all paper and personal hygiene products  

h.   Clean glass door to entrance,

i. Turn off lights and secure doors.

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Commercial office cleaning is a profitable and simple business to start. But to stand out from your competitors you must have a professional image and an offer that is difficult to refuse. – We provide everything you need to get started right and to succeed. Check out the American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association ( Start building towards your financial freedom today.

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