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Expand Your Business with Speaking Engagements

There are a variety of opportunities in almost every community to share your knowledge and experience. Chambers, clubs, service organizations, and business associations are always open to having new speakers to share with them for 20 minutes or more. You can also be a guest on TV, radio, and podcasts too. – This is a great way to be known as the local “expert” in your field, which will inevitably grow your business.

Ideally, your topic will be something relevant to your audience’s vocation or interests. But it can be about general issues too. For instance, if you have a cleaning business you might give a talk about the ‘dangers of dust and how to protect your home and office.’

I work with US Veteran entrepreneurs. They represent a popular group of citizens that most Americans honor and respect. Their countrymen also feel an obligation to assist them in having successful civilian lives. Veteran-owned businesses have a built-in advantage in getting speaking engagements because they represent a popular cause. And this applies to all other community and national charitable endeavors and civic programs, as well. – It is always wise for businesses to form an alliance with popular social causes and charities.

Here is what I do, and why getting speaking engagements and being interviewed on local and national media is so easy for me to acquire.

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The Patriotic Marketing Plan

I train US veterans and civilians how to start successful office cleaning businesses through the American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. We emphasize employing as many US Veterans as possible, with good wages. – To help our AJCSA owners increase their engagement within their local area, and to establish their name recognition, we provide several options. One of those is the opportunity to give speeches at multiple venues.

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US Veterans are easy to book for speaking engagements, as it is for all associated with assisting them. — Almost everyone wants to hear about their military experience and how they have transitioned back into the civilian world. And when they own a business that employs other US Veterans that is also a good draw. – This works for civilians too, if they are employing veterans.

We easily get them interviews on all the major TV news, radio shows, and podcasts in their area, and sometimes on national media too. This greatly enhances their fame within their geographic areas. And speaking engagements are available every week. –We even give them scripts so that they can be at ease and know exactly what to say.

We provide this Media training and assistance to all our Janitorial business owners for free. For non-janitorial owners, we also assist them in getting their businesses free media for a donation to our charity, Patriotic Hearts.

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American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

This article has been published by the American Janitorial Cleaning Services Association ( Contact us if you are interested in being trained to start your own cleaning business; or, to get media training for your own business endeavor.

A link to some of our TV and radio interviews is in the comment box below.

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